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The solution involves deploying Terraform for efficient GKE infrastructure, implementing standalone Kubeflow on Kubernetes for machine learning workflows, and creating Google Cloud Build pipelines to automate processes, collectively forming a robust foundation for the AI-based coaching platform in sports.

The story

Our client, previously engaged in sports broadcasting in India, particularly focusing on cricket, envisioned a transformative venture in the realm of sports through the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Recognizing the potential of AI, the client aspired to develop an AI-based coaching platform, driven by the goal of achieving a breakthrough in sports.

The challenge

The challenge at hand was to implement a machine learning project capable of detecting player motion and automatically providing insights into posture accuracy and mistakes made by the player. This required a combination of cutting-edge technologies and a deployment infrastructure to support the AI-based coaching platform.

The solution

The solution to the challenge of developing an AI-based coaching platform involved deploying specific technologies and responsibilities. Terraform was utilized for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to efficiently deploy the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), ensuring a scalable and manageable infrastructure. A standalone Kubeflow instance on Kubernetes, a machine learning toolkit, was implemented to facilitate the development and deployment of machine learning workflows.


Additionally, Google Cloud Build pipelines were created to streamline and automate building and testing processes, thereby enhancing the overall system’s efficiency. The key technologies employed in this comprehensive solution include Terraform for IaC, GKE for scalable infrastructure, Kubeflow for machine learning workflows, and Google Cloud Build for the automated creation of pipelines. This collective approach forms a robust foundation for the AI-based coaching platform, meeting the client’s goal of revolutionizing sports coaching through advanced technology.

The outcome

The result of implementing this solution is an AI-based coaching platform capable of detecting player motion and providing automatic feedback on posture accuracy and mistakes. The integration of Terraform, GKE, Kubeflow, and Google Cloud Build collectively enables a powerful and scalable infrastructure, supporting the client’s vision of creating a sports breakthrough through innovative AI applications in coaching.


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