The Storybook Approach

Integrated the client's manual system with a React.js frontend, GraphQL APIs, PostgreSQL database, Azure DevOps, Kubernetes, Azure Blob Storage, third-party APIs, achieving 90% test coverage with Jest and Cypress, automated error handling via cron jobs and Microsoft Teams' incoming webhook, and

Agile Empowerment

Implementation of agile practices, process improvements, and efficient project management, resulting in enhanced product excellence, efficient change management, and improved business predictability. The story Our client, a unicorn software company in Sweden, operates the world's largest network of printers, offering customized

Investment Platform

The solutions provided encompassed a third-party tool configuration, documentation updates, frontend enhancements, validation and localization, feature rationalization, bug resolution, client-specified updates, introduction of new backend services (Notification Service and NordNet Linking service), and the establishment of seamless CRM tool to COB

Content Management System

A web-based platform for older adults, we successfully delivered features including a CMS, web application, bulk data import, real-time analytics, and widget integration, resulting in satisfied clients and ongoing post-delivery support. The story The client, specializing in creating interactive and immersive

Customer Service Platform

Successfully delivered an Admin Portal, Real-time Dashboard, Reporting Module, Chat Application, and FAQ Module, facilitating diverse functionalities such as user management, agent performance visualization, reporting, communication, and FAQ access. The story The client is located in Sweden, who took on a

Affiliate Flow System

Delivered a comprehensive solution that included a Merchant Payment system and an Affiliate Flow system for enhancing the client's cryptocurrency buying and selling capabilities. The story The client is a Financial Services company based in Sweden, sought to revolutionize the buying

EdTech Solution

Client Objectives Our Client is into Educational Technology sector. It is a newly established London (U.K) -based EdTech Start-up founded in the year 2022 with the vision to reshape the Education sector through digital transformation strategies. The client found that approx

Energy Management

Client Objectives Our Client is a Swedish start-up founded in 2018 with the goal of bringing grid-edge data intelligence to the energy supply market through the introduction of digital circuit breaker technology. Mechanical circuit breakers have been the gatekeepers of household

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