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    Building platform functionalities, and an affiliate flow system

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Delivered a comprehensive solution that included a Merchant Payment system and an Affiliate Flow system for enhancing the client’s cryptocurrency buying and selling capabilities.

The story

The client is a Financial Services company based in Sweden, sought to revolutionize the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies by creating a smooth payment solution using Blockchain technology. Founded in 2016 and listed on NGM Nordic SME, their goal was to provide both customers and e-merchants with a hassle-free crypto payment experience.

The challenge

They faced the challenge of developing a platform to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions. They needed to build two key components of their business: an Affiliate Flow system for cryptocurrency registration and trading, and a Merchant Payment solution for fast and secure payments. They also required robust security measures and integration with third-party services.

The solution

Team FiftyFive collaborated closely with the client to transform their ambitious vision into reality. Acting as an extension of the client’s workforce, we harnessed their expertise across diverse technologies to deliver an array of pivotal solutions. Firstly, we crafted a top-tier Merchant Payment solution, a cornerstone of the client’s operational framework, designed to expedite payment processing and settlements. Additionally, we introduced an array of essential Platform Functionalities, including robust profile verification mechanisms to combat money laundering, smooth third-party integrations, and the development of a white-labeling feature tailored for casino operations. Complementing these advancements, the team constructed a resilient Affiliate Flow System, streamlining cryptocurrency registration and trading. In the realm of technology, PHP, Laravel, and MySQL powered the Affiliate Flow System, while Python, Django, and React were the driving forces behind the Merchant Payment solution, ensuring a well-rounded solution for the client’s crypto journey.


The outcome

The team of tech experts not only successfully addressed the client’s concerns but also delivered a top-quality solution that brought about several significant outcomes. Firstly, we bolstered security measures within the solution to ensure the utmost safety of transactions. Additionally, we optimized payment flows, introducing a merchant back office for transaction monitoring and an admin back office system for administrative functions. Process improvements were also a key focus, with the team implementing code optimization, adopting a test-driven approach, and efficiently hosting over 30 domains with multiple user interfaces. These efforts collectively elevated the client’s crypto journey by creating a highly responsive platform, establishing an independent design system for effective branding, and ultimately delivering an exceptional user experience.


In summary, the collaboration between the client and FiftyFive led to the successful development and deployment of innovative solutions, greatly enhancing the ease and security of cryptocurrency transactions for both customers and merchants alike.


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